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John Walker Gray

Actor, Writer, Photographer, Founder

Born and raised in Glasgow, until early adulthood when having completed 5 years as a reservist in the military, the Police beckoned and I saw 22 years with them before taking early retirement.

Since then, life has become even better. An Honours degree in Literature, a published novelist, trained Life Coach, commissioned photo-shoots and an Acting career have allowed a new lease of life over 50.

To top this off, I have now developed an App that allows you to tour Scotland using the filming sites from the show Outlander as reference points throughout the country. A great travel companion or even just to sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the journey via commentary and photographs.

My Bio

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As a skilled actor I have been working on various productions over the past many years. Have a look at my timeline of productions I worked at.

Outlander App

Doing various Outlander Tours for tourists and fans led me to create a special Outlander App that takes you to all the sights. It's available for both Android and Apple devices.

"An Honours degree in Literature, a published novelist, trained Life Coach, commissioned photo-shoots and an Acting career have allowed a new lease of life over 50"

Questions I get as an actor

Well, I'll try to give you some insight on how one get's onto the silver screen...

First off you are asked by your agent to audition for the part. This can take the form of a
“self tape”, where you learn the lines and videotape yourself performing the piece. Sometimes the casting agent / director will want to see you in person for an audition, so then you'll have to do the same thing in from of them. So you'll have to have learned the lines and this time you perform in front of the casting agent / director or even writer..

Having gone through that process you have to go back for a recall...doing the same scene or maybe another scene and then the fun starts...

When you get selected for the part, you get sent your script for the part you will be performing for and you learn your lines and you'll  have to learn how to perform them (this is my process).

It all takes time...sometimes you get plenty of time and then there are times you get a couple of days to prepare...depends on the production...

On the day of the shoot you are picked up and taken to the set ( larger productions). On the smaller ones, you may need to get there yourself....then it's into costume, get some makeup, and you go to your dressing area (normally a trailer)...

Then you sit and wait....and wait....and get the idea...until the director or production assistant comes over and calls you to be ready for your take(s).

Just prior to you arriving on set, you may get "miked up", which means they may put a wireless microphone on you in a hidden place. On other mostly larger productions, there will be a special sound team that often works with microphones on long fishing-pole like units.

After that's done, you do a run through (rehearsal) , when that's approved and okay, you do a rehearsal on camera... and when that's all tested and done - often has to be done several times - then you shoot a “Take”  ...Take One and....ACTION...

Well, after the rehearsels and first takes, you have a master shot, single shots, close ups, tighter shots... and when you hear the director yell “Cut/Reset” you do it all over again ...and again....anda again...until the director is happy with the take...

Basically you can be there for ages....
For example :

1 page of script = 1 minute of film (roughly)
1 min on screen can take 1 hour to shoot (roughly)

...a wee example is that while shooting the film WWZ I was on set for 12 DAYS and the time on screen was about 4 mins long....

The short film “HUNTERS” which is around 16 mins long took 5 days too shoot...

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